I have decided to extend my photography book “Manhattan – Faces & Places” into this blog, due to the fact that New York is a continuous source of great images, which cannot all be stored between the covers of one book. Therefore this  blog, where I hope to keep updating new images of the people  (the “faces”) and of the streets, buildings  and parks (the “places”) of New York .

My goal would be to give visitors a sense and feel of how New York looks like, so people who never been here could have an idea of what to expect. So please leave me comments and let me know if I reached my goal or not.

All images in these galleries are protected by Copyright Laws. Any downloading, blogging, unauthorized use and distribution of any image is prohibited. If you would like to purchase and use any of my photographs in high resolution, please contact me. Prints, posters and canvases from my images are also available for purchase.

I hope you will enjoy looking at my pictures at least as much as I enjoy taking them.


If anybody recognizes himself/herself among the Manhattan faces in my pictures and doesn’t want to be shown, please let me know and I will immediately remove that respective image from my blog.


After 5 years online, and with over 100.000 hits, I realized that I should not limit myself only to Manhattan images, but publish here images of places and faces from other countries I was fortunate enough to visit. It does not make sense (to me) to start a separate blog, so going forward I will publish here a selection of my best photography from past and future travels.

All pictures © mirceani

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